Mind & Breath

Mind & breath, an hour of serenity and inner peace

A class dedicated to breathing techniques and meditation. Think of slow movements, soft surfaces, calming sounds and deep breathing. An hour of serenity and inner peace, for you to reset, then return to daily life with added Zen.

mind & breath

The benefits of mind & breath

At a basic level, our need for oxygen is obvious. But improving how we breathe can have much deeper effects than you might expect. Improved sleep, reduced psychological stress, boosted energy levels, improved circulation (blood and oxygen) – all can be attributed to breathing better. 

When we look to the mind, the impact of breathwork is as meaningful. Controlled breathing can quickly establish a sense of powerful calm, and is fantastic practiced simply for that. But beyond the breathing techniques is potential for an even deeper sense of clarity and peace in this brand new Mind & Breath class..

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mind & breath

Meet ariane, your brand new Mind & breath coach

Mind & Breath teaches you new meditation and breathing techniques. Let controlled breathing be your gateway to meditation. Taking the mind from outside to inside, from noisy to quiet. It sharpens the focus. 

Under the guidance of our breathwork gurus, immerse yourself in an hour of total serenity. Follow your breath to a happier, healthier you.

Ariane has always felt passionate about the connection between body and mind. Over the years she gained tons of wisdom about her own health and wellbeing and how to support students on their journey towards leading happy and healthy lives. Today Ariane works as a dedicated coach, massage therapist and as your brand new Mind & Breath teacher!

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