boxing in Rotterdam, push your limits!

Hit those boxing bags! Release your energy and start working on those punches and your boxing techniques. This Box class is guided by a professional teacher, getting you mentally and physically fit before you know it!

Work on your endurance and stamina in this high intensity class. Push your own limits and start boxing in Rotterdam at YG Studios. Can you say jab cross?

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Boxing is an individual sport that emphasises the coordination of feet, eyes and hands. Together with your opponent, you stand in the ring to score as many points as possible with punishing blows. Good condition is key, both mentally and physically. Besides getting rid of all your energy, boxing has many other positive effects

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Box gym in Rotterdam

Our BOX classes are the perfect combination of cardio and strength training. Even though you don’t face an opponent, you work on your fitness by jumping, jabbing and dodging. In 50 minutes, you are very intensively exercising, combining different exercises with active rest periods.

Boxing gives a serious boost to your self-confidence and your energy levels. During class you have no time to stress and after class you feel pumped up by the endorphins. It’s great to put your mind on ‘0’ and go wild on the punching bag!

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Our box classes are suitable for everyone and for every level. Make sure you wear appropriate indoor sportswear and sports shoes. Gloves can be rented at the studio for €1. However, we recommend you buy bandages to strengthen and protect your hands.

Work on your boxing skills
Check our schedule and book your 50-minute BOX class. Count on intensive exercises with short rests in between.

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