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We believe moving your body should be part of your daily routine. It brings focus, improves strength & performance and helps you to relax. Our studios, located across the coolest venues in town, offer you a daily dose of your favorite yoga and high intensity classes.

Get ready to sweat!

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Starting to move has never been this easy. Drop by our YG Studios to start right away or click below to get 3 classes for 20 euro, valid for two weeks upon activation. We are so ready for this. Are you?

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the power of breath

the power of breath Take a deep breath in; expand the belly and rib cage, fill the lungs. Now slowly, take a deep breath out, releasing with control. Again, take…
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More about Fascia Release

More about Fascia Release Before treating your Fascia right you first need to know what it is. The fascial network surrounds, protects and fills every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, tissue…
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