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Take a breath, unwind. Give your body what it needs, treat yourself to an amazing massage. Our therapists work from our treatment room, available at our Lijnbaan Rotterdam location.

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Book your Deep Tissue or Ultimate Relaxation massage. Would you like dedicated attention to certain areas of your body? Check our therapist and choose our bespoke Neck, Shoulders, Back treatment or our Recharge Massage.  

For the best experience and care for your skin we use the Songbird product range, with 100% natural ingredients and a specific product for each treatment, including a vegan massage wax.

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Ultimate relaxation, deep tissue, which treatment would you choose?

Neck, Shoulders, Back
Spending a lot of time behind your desk, or need to let go of tension you’re carrying in your upper body? Switch off from the outside world, release and loosen up your neck, shoulder and back area.

Deep Tissue 
In the heavenly deep tissue massage delight meets remedial where the therapist’s hand, arms and elbows work to target the tension. This treatment helps improve your posture and eases any tension. Target the full body or give extra attention to a specific area.  

Ultimate Relaxation
We all know the soothing effects of a good massage, but this treatment will leave you feeling transformed from head to toe. Great to counter stress, or just to simply indulge. All you need to do is switch off and relax.

Recharge Therapy
Treat yourself to more energy! A deeply relaxing and activating massage that targets the energetic pathways in the body. Through light to medium touch massage techniques blocked energy can freely flow again, so you feel energized and refreshed.

Thai Yoga Massage
Immerse yourself in a meditative state as deep stretches are rhythmically applied across your body. These yoga-inspired movements are performed with a gentle pressure, only exploring where your body invites it. By respecting how your body is in the present moment, this form of massage aims to re-establish the free flow of energy in body and mind.

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Massage therapists at YG studios

Teaching yoga was the first step towards Dewi’s career in massage. As yoga is the healing power to the body and mind, so Reiki and Energetic massage is a balm for the nervous (or ‘energy’) system. It started by taking some exploratory courses in energy work, that then quickly led her to a formal qualification.

Looking for a personalized and effective treatment? Anthony is your therapist! He now specializes in treating chronic and minor injuries of the musculoskeletal system, but also offers an effective general massage. Whether you have persistent tension, a more complex postural problem or simply want to treat your body, book with Anthony!

Nicola sees each Thai Yoga Massage treatment as a chance to connect with the mental and spiritual aspect of each body. Healing, in her opinion, happens when clients learn to release and accept where their body is in that given moment. Benefits can be physical, such as improved posture, joint mobility or circulation as well as a general feeling of freedom, lightness or wellbeing. 

Weronika currently offers general massage treatments, targeted neck, shoulders and back massage, and deep tissue massage. However, for each client, no matter where on their body, Dewi tailors the treatment to suit their needs.

She started with somatic psychotherapy, and then went on to study holistic massage and Lomi lomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage designed to amplify the quality of flow and water in the body. She specializes in female bodies, so has also studied pregnancy massage, techniques specific to female hormones, and trauma relating to touch or womanhood.

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