Weronika Hostess and Massage therapist at YG Studios Rotterdam
Host & massage therapist


For Weronika, exercise is a treat for the body and mind. The best possible natural shot of endorphins, to keep you healthy and motivated. She loves boxing, strength classes, yoga and she even used to be an aerobics star – a.k.a. Jane Fonda.   

Weronika is originally from Poland and grew up in the Tatra Mountains. Daydreaming of a faraway land and infected with the travel bug, she moved at the age of 19. “Energy flows where attention goes” is her life motto. Over the years she’s flowed from Krakow, Malta, Austria and finally to Rotterdam!   

She loves traveling with friends, who are always a big part of her journey. She loves anything that gives her a real adrenaline rush, as well as backpacking, camping and hitchhiking. During her travels in Hawaii and Australia, she met both friendly and not-so-friendly people. Wild camping, when she had to go for days without showering and only eating hummus with bread, was a challenge. Yet feeling free, happy and wild was a reward for all the struggles.   

She loves Rotterdam for its combination of architectural styles – classic canal houses and impressive modern buildings. The many people of Rotterdam who share their smiles make her feel loved here. A night bike ride is one of Weronika’s favorite things to do. Thai and Moroccan are her favourite cuisines, with her number one dish being a simple but mouthwatering Thai pineapple fried rice eaten in Maui, Hawaii!

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Let us introduce you to Weronika, one of our talented massage therapists. Having completed her foundation level massage course, Weronika is now studying for a diploma in Soft Tissue therapy with the London School of Sports Massage, focussing on the treatment of both minor and chronic musculoskeletal pain and injuries. For Weronika, broadening her knowledge of the body and how to use her hands means she is more able to help her clients in diverse ways. 


Weronika currently offers general massage treatments, targeted neck, shoulders and back massage, and deep tissue massage. However, for each client, no matter where on their body, Weronika tailors the treatment to suit their needs.  


It’s not just the hands-on treatment that matters to Weronika – she also wants to ensure that clients feel comfortable and safe during the treatment. She aims for her sessions to be healing for the body and the mind, by creating a soothing environment that provides a break from the daily grind of things. In fact, for Weronika, this is what fascinates her the most – seeing the positive impact a physical massage can have on a client’s mental wellbeing – and what makes her job so enjoyable. 


So why not take a pause from your day, and allow Weronika to help ease out the knots and bumps in your body. You never know just how far-reaching the post-treatment glow will be! Or check our massage page for more info.