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yg studios for employers

Incorporating physical activities into your employees’ lives improves their health and positively impacts their performance.

Getting physical together builds better teams. Forming bonds between co-workers, improving job satisfaction and, ultimately, results. Being active relieves stress, builds energy, and increases creativity and focus.

Let YG Studios contribute to healthy and happy teams!


these high intensity trainings will work up a sweat

Our high intensity training will work up a sweat, build muscle strength and improve cardiovascular health. From high impact HIT and Box workouts that will get your heart rate up to a slower paced session focused on building strength and muscle tone, shape up body and mind!

yg run
Learn how to run with ease, gaining speed and building up a pace that lasts. Get down on the running techniques and work towards your goal. Thrive on the team vibe!

high intensity training
Is your team ready for a good sweat? Try our HIT based workouts. This effective training strengthens the body, while improving stamina at the same time. 

Hit those boxing bags! Release your energy and start working on those punches and your boxing techniques. This class will get you mentally fit before you know it.


feel completely balanced

We offer different types of yoga. Option for a more physically demanding practice which builds strength and stamina. A relaxing, meditative class to completely feel balanced, or have a taste of everything we love about yoga combining a challenging sequence with deep relaxation.

desk yoga
Perfect to counter long days behind a screen at a desk. This session will relieve stress, increases productivity and surely will make you feel better.

flow yoga
Make sure you have space to move, because in this class you will flow from one pose to another. A great gentle and soft practice which builds strength, mobility and mental focus through a mindful sequence of dynamic poses.

A practice bringing inner calm and improved focus. Sit in a comfortable chair or use a folded towel or cushion to get completely comfy.

workshop offering

in-house, in-studio or online

Depending on your needs we’re open to discuss any class your team needs, or even a combination! We’re hosting can organise in-house, in-studio or online.