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Teacher and Floor manager


Nicola was first introduced to the concept of yoga and mindfulness on an Ashram trip in India. It started out with a focus on breathing and from thereon became part of her everyday life. Today she has over 800 hours of yoga training to her name, with teaching experience in Laos, Thailand and the Netherlands.

With a love for travel around the world, India, Indonesia and the Himalayas have a special place in Nicola’s heart. When on the road she is always looking for the little things making her smile. Her favorite food is Thai food, doesn’t matter what the dish, it’s all just so good.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Nicola came to the city of Rotterdam in her 20’s and instantly fell in love. It also happens to be here where she met the love of her life and therefore Rotterdam has been her hometown ever since. Join her classes to get a feel for her grounded outlook on life and broad experience in different styles of yoga.

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Nicola senses how much to work each area of the body

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Say hello to Nicola, our Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Attending her first course back in 2017, Nicola has subsequently completed over 250 hours of traditional, dynamic and Thai massage blended with osteopathy. 


Thai Yoga Massage is both a physical and mental treatment. The treatment is given on the floor, clothed, and without any oils. Based on yoga asanas, it involves the rhythmic application of deep stretches along the body, without ever applying excessive pressure. This is not a massage that pushes clients to their limits of discomfort. It is a massage that will only go where Nicola feels the body permits her. Through her hands, Nicola senses how much to work each area of the body. She works without music or conversation, and after checking in with the client, she begins to hone her focus on their body.  


Nicola chose Thai Yoga Massage because of its power to transcend the physical. She sees each treatment as a chance to connect with the mental and spiritual aspect of each body. Healing, in her opinion, happens when clients learn to release and accept where their body is in that given moment. Benefits can be physical, such as improved posture, joint mobility or circulation as well as a general feeling of freedom, lightness or wellbeing. 


So why not explore this form of massage with Nicola, letting your body be front and center for just 90-minutes in your day…who knows what you could discover?! 

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she's ready to set you on the right path

Nicola is specialized in Hatha yoga, hormone yoga therapy and therapeutical work for women. She knows how to improve you hormone balance through exercises. She’s ready to set you on the right path for you and your yoga experience. Work with her to make your practice a fixture in your daily routine. If you want to be able to relax more, explore yoga more in-depth or just want some more individual attention, book a one-on-one in one of our studios in Rotterdam city center.

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