Event category: Workshop

Restore + Sound Bath

The big calm before Christmas

Restorative yoga sound bath Let go of stress, release tension and re-balance your nervous system in this immersive and meditative evening of healing rest. In this workshop, Liz will guide you through a journey in sound to the deepest levels of mental and physical relaxation, combining gentle restorative yoga poses, simple breathwork and the vibrations […]

Hoka Shoes try out


Hoka Shoes try out HOKA is the fastest growing running brand in the world, with feather-light shoes that let your feet move naturally, with maximum comfort. HOKA aims to empower athletes of all levels, because why run when you can fly!? Thursday November 10 17,00 – 21.00 On November 10 we’re inviting HOKA to our […]

Roll, Release and Relax

Flex & myofascial release

roll, release and relax Come and roll with Camilla. Let your tissues mindfully glide and slide into new-found flexibility and movement. Release tension and affect how sensations move from your body to your brain. Free yourself from muscle knots to promote better blood flow in targeted areas. Relieve aches and pains which in turn can […]

Rise Up!

Awakening breath Flow & Flex

Rise up! Awakening breath, flow & flex Early morning, the city is still asleep. Suddenly a shift; Like a curtain rising, darkness lifts. Sunrise is a magnificent time of day, and the perfect time to do yoga. While the city wakes up you’ll witness this beautiful daybreak at the other end of the river. Join […]

Yoga to find Deep release

Yin Yoga, free yourself from unnecessary tension

Yoga to find Deep Release During this workshop, Camilla invites you to go into the body and find deep release. By using straps (yoga belts), you will gradually lengthen inactive muscle tissue. By using breathing techniques, you will soothe the mind. Access the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce feelings of stress. Guided by Camilla, Yin […]

Spring Sunset Yoga

A floating flow

Spring Sunset Yoga Join us for an extra special Sunday evening in our favourite place. We’ll light some candles and slow things down; we’ll give you the space to ease body and mind – all with the backdrop of the city’s sparkling lights. It could only be our Spring Sunset Yoga Super Session with Boban. […]

Repairing your balance

Movement super session

Repairing your balance As a dance and yoga teacher Maroula knows how important balance is. She blends a wide variety of modern dance, fighting monkey mobility exercises, yoga and animal flow inspired movements into her classes. Get ready to move around and work on repairing your balance. Find it hard to find your balance? Join the Movement […]

Forrest yoga

focus on strength

This Super Session draws on Isabel’s experience with Forrest Yoga, a modern yoga system designed by Ana Forrest. A powerful and therapeutic yoga style based on Hatha yoga. This modern yoga style addresses current day stress and modern life challenges. Using intelligent sequencing this Super Session works on strength, flexibility and the quality of focused […]


The big calm after Christmas

Restore and Sound Experience Prepare for Relaxation with a capital R. Let Liz lead you through a restful Restore sequence. She will bring her sound bowls out, helping you slide into a state of meditation. Allow your thoughts to float by like clouds in the sky. Tap into your inner creativity and connect to yourself […]


The big calm before Christmas

flex & restore xl Discover the ultimate relaxation in this gentle Flex & Restore XL. Release tension from the body and mind in this extended 90-minute class. Our gift to you! This Super Session invites you to true physical and mental relaxation. A treat, to yourself, let’s consider it an early Christmas present.  On this […]