Deeply relaxing, unwind completely

Flex class is our translation of Yin yoga. A deeply relaxing class at 25°C, perfect for everyone from the athletes looking to stretch, to those of us that just need to unwind. Through slow and gentle movements you will hold the poses for longer than in our other classes, allowing your body and mind to become totally calm.

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This form of Yoga has gained popularity in recent years. its static holds allow you to find relaxation and work into the deep layers of your muscles, joints and connective tissue. Yin yoga is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophy.

Whereas in most forms of exercise you contract and relax your muscles, Yin yoga is about releasing as many muscles as possible. Flex helps to clear blockages, mobilize the joints and improve blood circulation.

If you want to work on repairing and strengthening your joints, Flex is a perfect addition to other dynamic classes.

Yin Yoga at YG Studios in Rotterdam
Our Yin yoga classes or as we call it, Flex classes can be found on our schedule from Monday to Sunday! Flex is suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis.


What is Yin Yoga?