This is what our power yoga is all about

This is what our yoga is all about – Power is a dynamic class with challenging postures taught at 32°C. This yoga sequence will get you super fit, super-fast. In this Power class you will build strength and endurance and focus on steady breathing and calm mind throughout the practice.

YG Studios is the ideal place in Rotterdam to discover what Power Yoga can offer you next to our wide range of other Yoga classes.

This class has a fixed sequence and finds its origins in Ashtanga yoga. The room is heated, which makes it easier to work your way through the repeating sequence of key positions that form the foundations of yoga. Think of Downward Dog, Sun Salutation series, Chaturanga and the Warrior series.

Get into the flow during this Vinyasa Power yoga class. A powerful and dynamic class where both beginners and advanced yogis can challenge their limits. Time for Rotterdam yoga!


A powerful and dynamic class

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