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Coming from a dance background, Ariane has always felt passionate about the connection between body and mind. Originally from Hamburg, Ariane first came to Rotterdam to study Modern Dance at Codarts when she was 19. She fell in love with the city and made it her home. Over the years she gained tons of wisdom about her own health and wellbeing and how to support her students on their journey towards leading happy and healthy lives. Today, Ariane works as a dedicated coach, massage therapist and as your brand new Mind & Breath teacher! She’s studied these topics intensively, and from all angles; Chinese Medicine, Holistic bodywork, cranio-sacral massage and communication & coaching.

For her, no favorite travel destination, but a favorite mode of travel; she loves to meet people and dive into their culture or to be alone in nature to recharge and reconnect.

You can find her sitting in the park with friends, or accompanied by a cocktail and a dance at Weelde! Spending time alone isn’t a problem for her but choosing a favorite cuisine is! She’ll never exclude a dish because of the endless delicious tasting possibilities there are to enjoy.

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unfold the hidden story of the body-mind connection

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With a focus on connectinbody and mind, Ariane takes a holistic approach, offering massage therapy and coaching services, alongside her work as a meditation & breathing teacher. Starting from the 26th of January 2023, we’ll introduce our brand new class, Mind & Breath 

Ariane believes that a free and healthy body is the way to a free and healthy mind and heart. She listens deeply to your needs and wishes, so she can provide you with the best support. This way, a massage by Ariane is not just a physical but also a mental experience.  

Its always a journey to unfold the hidden story of the bodymind connection and I feel honored to be a part of this.” 

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