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Retreat yourself this summer Here it is the groove slightly transformed  Just a bit of a break from the norm  Just a little somethin’ to break the monotony…  Name that song!   Spoiler alert – it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Summertime. Blasting from the past with feel good grooves that perfectly sum up […]

the power of breath Take a deep breath in; expand the belly and rib cage, fill the lungs. Now slowly, take a deep breath out, releasing with control. Again, take a deep, slow breath in, and follow it with a smooth, steady breath out… get in control of your breathing Even if you’ve only taken […]

Get motivated We’re now fully into 2022. Most probably, your new year resolutions are fading out. And, it’s February, surely the worst month of the year – the good times from Christmas just a ghostly memory and the promises of Spring too far to imagine. It’s not surprising, then, that your motivation to keep doing […]

The Science of Social connection Humans are inherently social creatures, this much we know. It’s pretty much been at the core of our survival since day one. When we are at work, at home, performing or doing yoga, either way we need to feel loved and feel a sense of belonging in whatever we do. […]

Enjoy sustainably

A sustainable future for you and your surroundings

Enjoy sustainably Here at Yogaground, we’re just as passionate about the planet’s health as we are for our personal health. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As we move into the party season, in a time where we often enjoy things to excess, we can still keep sight of our sustainable goals for both body […]

Sharing = caring

How sharing is key in getting together

Sharing = caring Winter is often associated with celebrations and festivities around the world, particularly in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time of coming closer together as the chill sets in. And one of the big things about getting together? Sharing. Sharing is fundamental to humanity. It bonds us together, introduces us to new things, […]

Beat the winter blues

longer nights, lower temperatures

BEAT THE WINTER BLUES We consulted our Northern neighbors for their wintertime tips. While they experience some of the coldest, darkest and longest winters, they are consistently ranked among the happiest people in the world. Learn how to embrace wintertime and borrow some inspiration from Scandinavians. Embrace wintertime, taking expert advice We sat down with […]

STRENGHTEN YOUR BODY WITH PERSONAL TRAINING Finding the right balance isn’t always easy, but key to help you stay grounded and support a strong and healthy body. A good diet, taking time to rest and building exercise into your routine are simple but powerful elements to leading a healthy life. Many studies show that those […]

WHY WE LOVE PERSONAL TRAINING Why we love personal training: It’s Friday, 11.00 AM. Strange sounds are coming from YG Veerhaven’s High Intensity Training room. An interesting mix between the latest Ibiza sounds, a trainer counting reps and someone shouting he ‘Can’t do one more!’. At closer inspection we find out it’s Ferdi’s regular one-on-one […]

Balance out body and mind Being aligned extends beyond having a straight spine. Feel fulfilled mentally and physically with the help of your favorite teachers. Get stronger, build flexibility, improve your practice, and learn to balance out body and mind. Take the yoga classes you love, tailored to your personal needs. We embrace the idea that our experts can help you in many ways specifically crafted for you. […]