(Re)treat yourself this summer

maximising summertime vibes

Here it is the groove slightly transformed 

Just a bit of a break from the norm 

Just a little somethin’ to break the monotony… 

Name that song!  

Spoiler alert – it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Summertime. Blasting from the past with feel good grooves that perfectly sum up what the summer is all about – taking time to tap out of your regular daily routines and finding time for fun, high vibes, relaxing and restoring.  


Here’s our guide to maximising summertime vibes and all those gorgeous smiles – we’ve got tips to get you moving, tasty bites of food, helpful hints for relaxing your mind, and some seriously exciting RETREAT news, so read on! 

(Re)treat yourself this summer

It's all about summer movement

We know we’re biased, but moving your body is really one of the best ways to amp up your mood. Obviously, we’ve got you covered at YG – from something feisty like HIIT or Box, to taking it down a gear with a variety of yoga classes from Hot to Power to Flow to Flex. Go for max power, bend, stretch and of course max smiles! 

Outside of YG, it could be running, or walking in nature – we love escaping the city and heading to Lage Bergse Bos for an afternoon among the trees. This 2018 study identified a reduction in stress-states and increased vigor and positive moods for participants who spent time in nature, compared with those who spent time in urban environments. Natural environments can also make you more creative and kinder to others, so get outdoors with a whole range of walking trails here, or enjoy the city and nature from the comfort of your own bike with this cycling festival!

cycling festival
(Re)treat yourself this summer

Treat yourself

If you’re heading outdoors, how about taking a picnic?! We love The Harvest for an easy, healthy and totally delicious takeaway. Outside of the city centre, Buiten010 is filled with tasty treats, ideal for a trip to Lage Bergse Bos or dinner al fresco. Back in town, Mittwoch is dishing up Germanic delights with a Rotterdam twist!  

For an indoor dining treat, just next door to Mittwoch is Restaurant Rotonde, for a fresh approaching to food with unusual pairings and fabulous natural wines. And, hot off the restaurant press, a new restobar is in town! Amore, from the owners of Weelde, will offer sharing plates, an extensive drinks menu and a dance floor to shake it all off! Opening 17 June, we can’t wait! 


If you’ve got more time, you could make something delicious like this silky tahini dip, this fresh watermelon salad, this pasta salad or even this loaded chickpea sandwich!? Not forgetting a sweet treat like this zesty lemon and blueberry slice or this brownie recipe – it’s vegan!!? 


For the ultimate, whole body treat, how about a massage with one of our specialists? Find out more and book your massage by hitting the button below.

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(Re)treat yourself this summer

Head space, the ultimate in real estate.

Good vibes all start in the head, so take time this summer to open up the landscape of your mind!  


Try a digital detox
Yup, put the phone/ tablet/ laptop away and connect with the world around you. We don’t mean anything extreme, just a set period each day, even just 15 minutes, where you make an effort to see all the big, medium and small things around you.  


Just breathe.
Slow breathing has been proven to combat the build-up of stress in the body. By filling the lungs and belly with each inhale, your heart rate will slow down, and your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system will be triggered. Through the pace and depth of your breath you’ll be telling your body and brain you’re calm. As an added bonus, the increased oxygen levels in the body will feel like a very good, oh so natural high. Win win, right!?  


For something a little different, you could also try the 4-7-8 technique? 


Create space.
Meditation and mindfulness are fantastic ways to clear up the clutter of the mind. Check out our RESTORE or FLEX classes, or start now at home with apps like Headspace. A calmer mind will lead to improved productivity and general cognitive function, so you can ace all corners of your life. 

(Re)treat yourself this summer

Prepare for yoga, surfing, mind-space and delicious food, drinks and great company!

For those of you who are keen to get away, our fabulous teachers have retreats running this year all over the world!

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” Mark Black

How about a full day spent in the sun at the beach, at a stone’s throw from Rotterdam city center. We’ve lined up a one-day wonder for you this summer on July 23. Prepare for yoga, surfing, mind-space and delicious food, drinks and great company! Nicola, Isabel and our surf instructor are ready for you. Check out all the details and book below. Only good vibes! 

YG Alumni Martina is hosting a retreat in Italy, Nicola is heading to Montenegro for a woman’s-only retreat, Dewi is off to the Algarve, not forgetting the epic Mandali retreat centre which is open all year round.  

So what are you waiting for?? Start by breathing. Next put your phone down. Then add in some movement. And hopefully round it off with a proper get-away. Take time to tap out. The world will keep turning, it’ll all be here for you when you get back. So prioritize you and be the master of your good vibes.