Has always been drawn to travel and discoveries, Isabel’s professional dancing career enabled her to move from Rotterdam to Denmark and the UK. Recently she moved back to her hometown.

Isabel has a 200 hours Teacher Training in vinyasa flow, trained and solved her dance injuries with Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest yoga, in San Francisco and is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage.

When she started yoga, she was thinking about the strength and flexibility she would gain from it, only later realizing the deeper impact yoga makes.

Isabel recommends Thailand for its people, culture and coffee, and her favorite dish, vegetarian Kao Soi. In Rotterdam you’ll find her on the river near Hotel New York, she loves the history of the place, and even got married there.

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a good eye for alignment and movement

With a good eye for alignment and movement Isabel loves to design personal Yoga classes. ‘It’s very interesting to see what a person needs and what their body can do’. In a one-on-one session she’ll make sure you practice safely. Let her know your goals and injuries.

Improve your technique, creating benefits for your posture and improving your performance in other forms of exercise. Besides yoga, Isabel worked as a professional dancer and loves to help you to feel in tune with your body, focusing on the present moment.

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