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Being aligned extends beyond having a straight spine. Feel fulfilled mentally and physically with the help of your favorite teachers. Get stronger, build flexibility, improve your practice, and learn to balance out body and mind. Take the yoga classes you love, tailored to your personal needs. We embrace the idea that our experts can help you in many ways specifically crafted for you.

Tap into your individual needs and target your overall wellbeing; physically, mentally, and emotionally. According to your input our teacher creates a tailor-made program. Wrestling with a personal issue or difficult life obstacle? Navigate the way forward and find more balance in mind, body and in life.

Female hormones have a huge impact on a woman’s daily life and health. Let us teach you targeted exercises that help restore your hormone balance. Great to improve your overall balance. With some guidance you can incorporate these exercises into your life and rely on them wherever, whenever.

Spend your day on rejuvenating the body and nourishing the mind! Redefine your practice, create more body awareness and accomplish better alignment. Whatever your goal, our teachers are there to help you out. In our busy lives, it just feels great to learn how to get upside down or how to simply switch off.

Sharpen your mind and experience more peace. Under our guidance you’ll learn both beginner and advanced practices that allow you to access the best version of yourself in any situation. Turn your meditation practice into a daily habit! Dig deep to uncover your power. Go beyond basic and explore new territory.

Learn new, safe and effective exercises fitting to your body pre- and post-natal, as well as during your pregnancy. Allow yourself the time to work with our expert and and become strong for pregnancy, birth and life.

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