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Here at Yogaground, we’re just as passionate about the planet’s health as we are for our personal health. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As we move into the party season, in a time where we often enjoy things to excess, we can still keep sight of our sustainable goals for both body and planet. On this page, you’ll find a few suggestions to enjoy sustainably. 

enjoy sustainably


Enjoying good wine and good food with great company is often the focus of the festive period. Friends of Yogaground, Serafima and Roman, travelled all over Europe tasting and discovering the most amazing natural wines. Why they like it so much?


Serafima: “Natural wine is not a professionally defined and accepted term, but it’s a common name for a product made following a certain philosophy. The big wine industry as we know it makes use of around 200 different additives at all stages of the winemaking. This helps to offer you the same taste in every bottle. We believe this is not the most sustainable methodology for the soil and the ecosystem of the vineyards, let alone our bodies. We also feel it takes away the unpredicted personality, and unique characteristics of a particular wine. If given a chance to speak, they can tell you a lot about their origin, making it something special every time.”  


Serafima and Roman have personally selected all wines at TUURLIJK wijnen to their own taste. Working together with humble and hard-working people at the vineyards, becoming friends with many of them. Tuurlijk wijnen can be found on the wine lists of Restaurant Fermin, FOK wijnbar, Wijn bij Henk and KINO, to name just a few. At Yogaground, we fell in love with the natural wines too, and asked for a special selection for the holidays. Go to their website and check the specially selected set of 2 or set of 3 bottles of bubbles to get the party started. You will taste the bursts of energy in these wines! 

Use promocode BUREN to have the bottles delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of experience. Hand out vouchers for your local, sustainable restaurant or tickets to plays and concerts. Yogaground offers gift cards to be spent on any Yogaground product. Personal sessions, credit packs, workshops or a relaxing full body massage by our lovely Tim. To release tension, when in need of some self-care or for any other reason, you will for sure leave feeling relaxed and content. Our snazzy tote bags can also be bought at our locations – talking about cute wrapping for your gifts..


enjoy sustainably


Get inventive with the gifts you give by going sustainable. Swap out wrapping for biodegradable options and exchange local, green, or handmade presents. Gifts don’t even have to be a physical thing.


enjoy sustainably


We’re so inspired by Huis op ‘t Raboes, designed by Rotterdam architects de Kort van Schaik. Voted best building of the year 2021, this totally unique private residence lies in marina ‘t Raboes near Hilversum, a place of peace and quiet, where for twenty years architects and designers have experienced with shapes and materials to create  a unique outpost that is completely sustainable. On our wishlist now; a little sailing boat so we can be guests at the marina.

Huis op 't Raboes
enjoy sustainably


Free walking tours

But sustainability isn’t limited to our surroundings. It also applies to ourselves. Putting in the work and caring for yourself now is investing in a sustainable, future you. The choices you make can strengthen both your mind and body, which will carry on to have benefits well into your old age. 

Cardio, muscle building, and yoga are some of the best ways to look after yourself inside and out. If done before more strenuous exercises such as weightlifting, it can help boost muscle development. Moreover, exercise has shown promising signs in staving off mental decline, as it helps to regenerate white matter in the brain.   

Even light forms of these types of exercise will do the trick. So swap your car for a walk, and enjoy the sights your city has to offer this winter period. Free walking tours in Rotterdam are always available and will teach you something new along the way. Don’t feel like following the crowds? We got you. Download GPSmyCity, an app that lets you do a self guided walking tour in over a 1000 cities. Sorted. 

So for this festive period, make sure that you take care of your mind and body. It’s the best gift you can give yourself. 



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