The Science of social connection

Humans are inherently social creatures, this much we know. It’s pretty much been at the core of our survival since day one. When we are at work, at home, performing or doing yoga, either way we need to feel loved and feel a sense of belonging in whatever we do. Even the most introverted among us need some form of social stimulation in order to feel like ourselves and do our best. What to do and how to stay healthy, read it in The Science of Social Connection.

But it’s not just our minds that get that much needed boost after hanging out with good company. Our bodies get a whole heap of benefits too!

Yes, you read that right. Strong social ties are just as important for your health and wellbeing as getting regular exercise and eating right. So much so in fact that loneliness and isolation can be an even bigger detriment to your health than smoking.

“But how?” We hear you ask. Well, let us explain further down below.


The benefits of having strong social ties

The impact of strong social connections on a person’s health – both physiological and psychological – has been well documented for years. Adults who have strong social ties tend to live longer and healthier than those who do not – even if, on the whole, a well connected adult has a more unhealthier diet or habits.

And the benefits? Having a good network of friends and family that you see regularly can lead to an incredible 50% increased chance of living a longer life, strengthen your immune system and help you recover faster from illness.

Why? Well, it largely comes down to dealing with stress. Being with others helps us to relieve harmful stress levels, which if left unaddressed can have a long-term negative effect on the human body.

So it’s actually better to focus on having a network of social support with a variety of different types of relationships – from sport, romantic, friends, work – to hold up your wellbeing and quality of life. You can now network at our Veerhaven studio because we’ve added a bar! Serving you 100% natural, vegan and organic shakes and great coffee.

We found out that interacting with others not only keeps our bodies healthy, but also our brains. It helps us improve our memory and cognitive skills which can bolster our brain. Studies have shown that strong social ties can even help strengthen cognitive reserve which can stave off mental decline.  


To Remco Claassen great leadership is knowing who you are and being able to transform this into benefits to others. Ask yourself what is the impact of your presence on your social environment? When you feel good about yourself, you’re automatically more attractive and become a sort of energy charging station to others.

Before performing an important task, Remco suggests to check how your imaginary tail is doing. Do you feel hyped about it or not at all? How is your energy level before, during and after the task? Be honest with yourself when checking and simply determine whether something draws on your energy or if it gives you energy. If the former is the case, you might have to reset your compass. When it gives you energy you know you are on the right path!

When it comes down to body and mind our amazing team of teachers are here to help. Empty your mind, challenge yourself and become a better version of you during a personal session.



This recent Ben Tiggelaar podcact on BNR teaches us how to keep an eye on our energy levels. Speaker Remco Claassen, a well-known dutch trainer and speaker in the field of personal leadership, tells about the ‘wagging your tail method’, and shares tips to get the best out of yourself.

Art and culture in Rotterdam


A good way to stay connected is to try new things together. CBK Rotterdam has made a map for you to walk with your friends from Westersingel to Wilhelminapier. Collect the map at Tourist Information Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam or CBK Rotterdam.

Rotterdams Handwerk, a social enterprise that works with people who experience barriers on the labour market, is also a great example of how to be strong as a collective. They produce sustainable, local and attractively designed items for you to purchase.

Or what about Bakkie Trots? They make coffee mugs out of self-dug clay. The composition of the clay translates into unique prints which are different to each digging location. Each cup ends up having its own unique print and story.

Bakkie trots

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