Consistent training – conscious nutrition

Introducing the Feed Your Fitness Program at YG Studios!

Prepare to change your lifestyle. Our new 3-month ‘Feed Your Fitness‘ program is here to redefine how you exercise and nourish your body, improving your health and fitness.

Discover the secret to a thriving lifestyle as Mandy unveils the perfect synergy between consistent training and mindful nutrition. At YG Studios, we’re committed to guiding you towards sustained health and wellbeing through our expertly designed program.

This program, starting in September, allows unlimited access to our diverse range of classes, shaping a stronger, fitter you. In addition, you’ll receive weekly personalized one-on-one guidance from our trainer and nutritionist, Mandy.

Start investing in yourself. Join the kick-off session HERO & NUTRITION on Sepmteber 12th and les Mandy be your partner in the pursuit of lasting health, wellness, and vitality.

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