Exercise during pregnancy

What you can and cannot do during your pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy Have you recently discovered you are pregnant? Congratulations!!! This is a time when you want to enjoy yourself but it can also be a time full of emotions and thoughts. It’s very common to feel uncertain about what you can and can’t do, should and shouldn’t do, in all areas of your […]

Running in Rotterdam

Run together in Rotterdam with YG Run

Running in Rotterdam  Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been running in Rotterdam for some time, we’ll help you! Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, our running trainers provide training sessions to help improve your running performance and improve your techniques. 

WIN 2 NN ROTTERDAM MARATHON TICKETS Are you training and would you like to participate in the biggest, fastest and moreover #demooiste marathon in the Netherlands on April 16? Then we have good news! WIN 2 NN ROTTERDAM MARATHON TICKETS Thanks to the collaboration of YG Studios and @hoka_eu you and your friend have a chance […]

5 reasons to do 108 sun salutes The yogic tradition of doing 108 Sun Salutes brings you much so more than just a physical practice. 5 reasons to do 108 Sun Salutes and why you don’t want to miss out this magical event at Friday March 17th.   1• BUILD YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE You are stronger […]

What is Functional training? It’s not about making resolutions, it’s a matter of acting upon them! Start building a good exercise routine now with Said’s functional training workshop, the Hero Clinic. Functional training creates strength and mobility that is transferable to other activities. Essentially, it is training where muscles or movements are not performed in […]

Take a deep breath in… And follow it with a slow breath out. Pretty easy, right? The power of slow breathing to fight the build-up of cortisol, the stress hormone, is mega. Your heart rate will slow down, and your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system will be triggered. You’re telling your body and brain you’re […]

Leaving phones out of class

Do yourself, and everyone around you, a favour

Leaving phones out of class We know how valuable time and space is for your head. Time away from work, lists and screens, to give your mind some precious space. You also know how valuable time and space is – it’s why you booked yourself a class. You’ve understood the need to tap out of […]

YG WINTER FEST ON DECEMBER 9 Mariah isn’t the only one who can start Christmas – we can too! Let us welcome you to a festive, fun-filled and totally fabulous evening courtesy of YG Studios Veerhaven on Friday December 9! We’ll have a bonfire, Christmas tunes, a brand new YG sweater collection, and of course […]

the season of giving

the gift of fun, family and movement!

the season of giving Making your loved ones a part of the YG family has just got even easier, because we’re offering them…3 classes for €25! With those classes, what you’re really giving is total relaxation, maximum energy and seriously good vibes. And in these winter months, who doesn’t need an extra little lift in […]