sweating together

Why moving together is more fun

Exercise is healthy, we all know that. It improves your sleep and gives you more energy. It enhances your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s the ultimate act of self-care, investing in your today and your tomorrow.  

Even with all these benefits, many people lack the motivation to exercise. So why not grab yourself buddy and commit to moving more, together!? Motivation, fun and problem-solving is all easier and better with two. 

Work out together
Exercising together will result in your exercising harder – you’re less likely to skip a session if it means cancelling on your buddy, and you’re more likely to find that extra gear with your buddy alongside, encouraging you all the way. A little bit of competitiveness is never a bad thing either! Also, you’ll be strengthening your friendship the more you train together, which in turn produces endorphins (because we like friends). Endorphins are the hormone responsible for the happiest of highs, and improved sports performance – win win, if you ask us!? 

Get sweaty with me

4 ways exercising together will motivate you

  • Fixing a date with your friend means you’re less likely not to show up, meaning you build your exercise routine quicker.  
  • Exercising together is fun, who doesn’t like to laugh!? Sessions stop being a chore you need to get through and start being a highlight in your week. 
  • Sharing your progress enhances the sense of achievement and will prove to you why you’re doing what you’re doing. 
  • After the hard work is done, you’ve got a buddy with you for dinner, drinks or a film! 

• Get Sweaty with me • 
So start achieving your goals, together! Sign up for a trial class at YG Studios! When you’re already a member and your buddy is not, you can hit them up for a free class by inviting them in the YG app.