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Why strength training is essential

“Big musclemen doing repetitive movements with huge weights in front of the mirror at the gym.” That’s an image better erased from your memory immediately.

Strength training is accessible to everyone and a relatively simple method of training that uses resistance training in the form of dumbells, barbells, resistance elastic bands and your own body weight.

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Every practitioner benefits from strength training, whether you are a brand new beginner or have been strength training for a while. Even if you have totally different athletic goals related to yoga or running, extra strength always comes in handy.

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What is strength training?

Increasing your muscle mass and building strength throughout your body brings many benefits. In fact, you are constantly giving your body a stimulus that requires an adaptive response.

A workout can consist of compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups until you have built up enough strength to isolate muscles and train them to their limits.

You speak of functional training when the workout focuses on “functional exercises” that can help you function better in everyday life. For example, squats will help you better lift heavy grocery bags.

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Strength-training for women

Many ladies think that strength training makes for a masculine-looking body. Women naturally have less muscle mass than men because of lower testosterone levels.

Building muscle mass takes time, dedication and effort. Fat is reduced and converted into muscle that burns more calories at rest. The natural testosterone boost you get from strength training contributes to muscle gain and more energy. This not only makes you look better, but also makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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Strength training for runners

Strength training exercises help prevent injuries by strengthening connective tissue and muscles. As a runner, it is important to do more than just run.

Being strong means being able to maintain good posture and technique while running, even during long endurance runs. When one part of your body is weakened, other parts of your body begin to compensate, causing you to run less efficiently and develop a running technique that increases the likelihood of other injuries. Strength training affects not only your muscles, but also joints and connective tissues, thus providing improved resilience!

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Training more strength as you get older

As you age, you slowly begin to lose muscle mass. From the age of 30, this is already the case. Every decade you lose about three to five percent. The only way to counteract this is through regular strength training! If you add strength training to your workout schedule at least once a week, you’ll soon notice results. Let alone at two HERO classes or more per week!

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