act upon your resolutions!

What is functional training?

It’s not about making resolutions, it’s a matter of acting upon them! Start building a good exercise routine now with Said’s functional training workshop, the Hero Clinic. 

Functional training creates strength and mobility that is transferable to other activities. Essentially, it is training where muscles or movements are not performed in total isolation. By training the right muscles correctly and regularly, you reduce the risk of injury in everyday activities. A squat pattern such as a deadlift can be a practice for picking up your child from the ground in daily life. Where Kettlebell training helps to tighten your grip and strengthens the wrists.

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act upon your resolutions!

Flip those tires

All exercises are easily adapted to different fitness levels, so this Hero clinic is suitable for beginners to athletes. You benefit from being able to move more efficiently through improved postural stability and kinetic chain mobility. Simply put, the kinetic chain is the idea that your muscles, joints and segments are all connected and work together to be stable or mobile at the right times. On top of that, there is a fast development curve so you quickly feel stronger and more confident. 

Hero clinic
act upon your resolutions!

What is a kinetic chain?

So that’s how we create movement, assuming all movements in the body effect each other. In a runner, this is the arm swing that makes you run better and more efficiently. With your core muscles being the centre for support and stabilising your entire upper body. In boxing, you use the whole body, starting from the feet all the way up, to generate the strength and coordination to deliver that perfect punch. Understanding the kinetical nature of the body, also helps you understand the various compensations in yoga practice / asana 

Closed kinetic chain 
Composite movements usually involve multiple muscles and associated joints. This can be associated with a higher metabolic response. When multiple muscles are engaged, more energy is consumed. Very useful if your goal is to improve your body composition or reduce body fat. An other element of a closed kinetic chain is that your hands or feet are anchored to the ground or an immobile object while the rest of you body moves to and from it. Think of push-ups, deadlifts, burpees, lunges.

Open kinetic chain
In general, open-chain kinetic movements involve a single joint. This with the aim of isolating and strengthening a specific part of the body. The distal point of a limb moves freely in space instead of resting on a stable object. Think donkey kick, chest press or bicep curls.

Hero class

In our Hero class you’ll work on building muscles and make a mix and match of open and closed kinetic chain exercises. Go and check it out!

hero class
act upon your resolutions!

Why consider joining the Hero clinic?

When you think about your fitness routine, think about choosing things that would translate to the ability to perform everything you would want to in your daily life better. Reaching your fitness goals, you’ll need to consider how your kinetic chain is functioning. It’s all about really optimizing your workout.

Suitable for all levels of experience, with beginner / intermediate the main focus.

Price Hero Clinic by Said, January 22 13.30 – 15.30
€35 | Regular ticket
€31,50 | Unlimited membership with 10% event discount

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