Hero clinic

Functional strength and conditioning training

YG Studios Lijnbaan
Sunday January 22
13.30 - 15.30
by Said
€35 | €28 unlimited members
hero clinic

Functional strength and conditioning training

Said will get you moving more efficiently, with greater coordination and strength, better posture and on the way to an improved physique and cardiovascular capacity. So basically the whole package, neatly delivered in one Hero Clinic! So let’s get this (functional) party started! 

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Hard work is so much more rewarding when you know the why behind the what. Doing 50 press-ups a day is going to get boring pretty quickly if it’s only to prove you’re ‘strong’. A program of carefully chosen, varied exercises aimed at developing muscle mass, flexibility and mobility, however, makes sense. We’re designed to move, and training like this will help us do that. 


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hero clinic

Work through 7 key training types on Sunday January 22

In this two-hour workshop with Said, you’ll cover seven key training types, including bodyweight power, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. Mobility will be important throughout (yes that means stretching before and after!), and some HIIT training to add some spice! 

What is functional training?

Functional strength and conditioning training is becoming increasingly popular for precisely this reason – people can see the validity in spending their time working out, as the benefits spread into ‘normal’ daily life. Think how many times a day you push, pull, lift or hold things. These are all movement types you’ll practise in functional strength training. In the long term, training like this also makes your body less prone to injury and enhances your overall physique. Win, after win, after win!

Suitable for all levels of experience, with beginner / intermediate the main focus.

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Price Hero Clinic
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€28 | Unlimited membership with 20% event discount

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