Saïd trainer at Yogaground teacher for Hit, Hero, Box YG Rotterdam Centre get fit before you know it small group training


Movement is health. Said believes in movement to have a positive impact on our health. For him, it improves his learning capability, mood and motivation. It simply makes him a better version of himself.

The fifth child from a big Moroccan family of eight children, Said was born and raised in Rotterdam, or raised ‘by Rotterdam’, as he puts it. He grew up playing all kinds of sports. From soccer in te streets to tennis and kick-boxing, he’s done it all. When it comes to travel, Said’s dream trip was his journey to Ghana where he experienced such a rich variety in landscapes and culture he’d totally go back.

Said is very experienced in training to get results. He teaches Box and Hero classes that all target differents parts of the body, to strengthen, tone and condition. Said is sure to make you go that extra mile. He loves to play tennis and loves to eat his mother’s cooking after a long day of training, but will never turn down an Italian meal.

Are you looking to work on some explosive movement? Make sure to come to one of Said’s classes. Just don’t forget a towel and something to drink because he will definitely make you sweat!

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Want to work on strength, conditioning or muscle tone? Said is your guy. According to your personal needs he will set up a circuit, intervaltraining or personalized Hero class. Who said getting fit needs to be a chore? In our YG studios in Rotterdam city center, Said will show you how to train like never before.

Get ready to use kettlebells, dumbells or your own body weight in fun new routines, building strength and skills. Come to his training willing to work and willing to learn, and he’ll take your fitness level to new heights.