YG Veerhaven closes its doors

Our Lijnbaan studio remains open with an expanded offering

As of September 3rd, YG Veerhaven closes its doors. Our Lijnbaan studio remains open with an expanded offering. Increased energy costs, high inflation, and financial obligations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, have a major impact on our operations. Despite earlier cost reductions, we have not been able to make our two studios profitable; we are […]

Prepare to change your lifestyle. Our new 3-month ‘Feed Your Fitness‘ program is here to redefine how you exercise and nourish your body, improving your health and fitness. Discover the secret to a thriving lifestyle as Mandy unveils the perfect synergy between consistent training and mindful nutrition. At YG Studios, we’re committed to guiding you […]

YG Run 3000

win eternal glory on June 6

YG Run 3000, 3-year anniversary Tie your laces, start your engines and get ready to clock your 3000m personal best time. A chance to win eternal glory and a cool reward.    YG Run 3000  YG Run will celebrate its 3-year anniversary on Tuesday, June 6! Niels will be setting out a 3km course around […]

Rotterdam Pride 2023 and YG Studios

Find our studios for dancing and relaxing!

Rotterdam Pride 2023 and YG Studios Rotterdam Pride 2023 and YG Studios join forces. All the more reason to visit our YG studios. We have 2 moments in particular in store for you; Rotterdam Pride Recharge, June 3 Celebrating Pride and in need of a recharge? Join us in our Veerhaven studio where we offer […]

Boxing training Rotterdam When you think of boxing you may think of two opponents fighting each other in the ring. During our BOX classes you are not in the ring but instead your opponent is the punching bag. The advantages of this means that you learn to punch harder than in shadow boxing, for example. […]

Why strength training

your ticket to strength training

Why strength training is essential “Big musclemen doing repetitive movements with huge weights in front of the mirror at the gym.” That’s an image better erased from your memory immediately. Why strength training is essential and accessible to everyone and a relatively simple method of training that uses resistance training in the form of dumbells, […]

Exercise during pregnancy

What you can and cannot do during your pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy Have you recently discovered you are pregnant? Congratulations!!! This is a time when you want to enjoy yourself but it can also be a time full of emotions and thoughts. It’s very common to feel uncertain about what you can and can’t do, should and shouldn’t do, in all areas of your […]

Sweating together

Why moving together is more fun

Sweating together Why moving together is more fun  Exercise is healthy, we all know that. It improves your sleep and gives you more energy. It enhances your mental and physical wellbeing. It’s the ultimate act of self-care, investing in your today and your tomorrow.  Even with all these benefits, many people lack the motivation to […]

Running in Rotterdam

Run together in Rotterdam with YG Run

Running in Rotterdam  Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been running in Rotterdam for some time, we’ll help you! Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, our running trainers provide training sessions to help improve your running performance and improve your techniques.  Tuesday running through Rotterdam   Every Tuesday evening, our YG Run running club departs from […]