Level up your box training

Punch bag training vs boxing

When you think of boxing you may think of two opponents fighting each other in the ring. During our BOX classes you are not in the ring but instead your opponent is the punching bag. The advantages of this means that you learn to punch harder than in shadow boxing, for example. However, building speed, developing solid footwork and the high intensity of the workout also make it an excellent HIIT addition to your training routine. Level up your box training!

punches and drills

Flow while boxing

Whether you’re new to boxing or training for a competition, you’ll find benefits in a boxing workout where the punching bag is your best friend.

Punch bag training is ideal for your fitness and technique; building up movement, rotation and position of your knuckles during powerful punches. Speed, coordination of footwork also play a role in the overall execution of a punch.

Drills, drills, drills
Part of almost every boxesack training is drills. What is useful to know are the numbers associated with the punches. When the box coach lists a number sequence, you can let your arms “run” and get absorbed in the boxing flow.

1: Jab, 2: Cross, 3: Fronthand hook, 4: Backhand hook, 5: Fronthand uppercut, 6: Backhand uppercut

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Develop punch speed and deliver fast blows

So what do you do during a punchbag workout?

Developing speed
Among other things, boxing bag training consists of effective exercises that help you develop a punching speed that you need to hit your opponent quickly. Should you find yourself in the ring, the key is to put your punches together and be fast. If your opponent does not see the upcoming punch, this could be the punch that knocks you out.

Counter punches
A punching bag does not hit back, yet it is very important to automatize defense in your training and not stand still after throwing a punch. You learn to pull back as if dodging a punch from your opponent and follow up this movement with a counter punch, for example.

Isolating punches
Here you pay attention to the perfection of each punch and try to hit as hard as possible. It is important to pay attention to rotation and play with your knuckles and their placement. Again, the emphasis is on boxing movement rather than speed.

Active rest
If you ever find yourself stepping into the ring for a boxing match, you don’t have time to slack off. No matter even if you are tired, you have to stay sharp. You want to finish at a point where from the first moment to the last you are flawless, despite the intensity. This is what separates the boxing champions from the contenders!

A whole bunch of benefits

Boxing and personal training at YG Studios

Boxing or punchbag training brings a huge list of benefits. Even when the workout consists of short rounds, you improve your strength, endurance and coordination.

Whether you want to improve your overall health by taking a fun and effective BOX class or you want to learn how to properly throw a punch, YG Studios has your back! Our teachers can get you in shape in no time during a personal training session.

Get started with personal training today! Boxing may be tough, but it is an excellent workout. Press button for prices.

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