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Take a deep breath in…

And follow it with a slow breath out. Pretty easy, right? The power of slow breathing to fight the build-up of cortisol, the stress hormone, is mega. Your heart rate will slow down, and your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system will be triggered. You’re telling your body and brain you’re calm. In return, your body will reduce the levels of cortisol, which will leave you even calmer.

Take a deep breath in…

Per January 26 we are launching the Mind & Breath class on a weekly base! Read more below.

In contrast, powerfully inhaling and exhaling through the nose, pushing the air up and out, then drawing it back down again, will boost energy levels through the roof. Call it a DIY espresso, or, perhaps more sensibly, by its actual name, bhastrika pranayama (‘bellows breath’).

Back in the day (of yoga times), students learned asana, a.k.a postures, alongside pranayama, which, put simply, is the control of breath. This discipline was as much part of the yoga practice as Downward Dogs or Warriors. Breath equals life, so why not learn how to expand, deepen and lengthen both breath and life?  

It takes a surprising amount of concentration to stay connected to your breath, for even short periods of time. The monkey mind just itches to jump around. It’s why breathing exercises are regularly used as preparation for meditation. Cutting out the world, tuning in to the rhythmic sound of your breath, and staying there – it’s its own form of calm. And, by giving your mind something to concentrate on, you may find slipping into a meditative state a little easier… 

You just need to start by taking one, steady breath. 


Learn about the power of breath and let it guide you

In this two-hour workshop, join Felix as he takes you through all aspects of your breath. You will learn how the breath impacts the body and mind, and then go on to practising a variety of techniques. 
Accompanied by his hand-pan, Felix will create a soothing environment for you to experience just how powerful these breathwork practices are. 

Check the event calendar for upcoming events and workshops.


new class per january 2023

Everyone can breathe. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you’re breathing ‘well’? What does ‘good’ breathing feel like? Can you even focus, completely, on ten steady breaths? Let us introduce you to our new class, Mind & Breath. A class dedicated to breathing techniques and meditation. An hour of serenity and inner peace, for you to reset, then return to daily life with added Zen.


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