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At YG Studios we believe yoga can be down to earth and within reach for everybody. It helps you to relax, brings focus and improves overall athletic performance. Because it’s so good for you, we want you to be able to take your yoga class in Rotterdam anytime; before, during and after work. 

Join us in our yoga studios in the heart of Rotterdam. Follow your favorite yoga class in Rotterdam. 

See you on the mat! 

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Which yoga class can you choose at YG Studios?

Flex classes are deeply relaxing and will you unwind completely. You will hold the poses for longer than in our other yoga classes, allowing your body and mind to become totally calm.

Flow, our version of Vinyasa, gives you a taste of everything we love about yoga. Coordinate movement to the breathe. Your new favorite yoga class!

Hatha is designed to build awareness of alignment and breath. Teaching you the key postures within yoga. After this class you will feel completely balanced.

In the hot yoga classes we love to turn up the heat! Speeding up your metabolism and warming yo your muscles. You will reap more benefits from your yoga class.

These are our pregnancy classes, teaching you to cultivate strength from the inside out and prepare for what is coming up next.

This is what our yoga is all about. A dynamic yoga class with challenging postures which will get you super fit, super-fast.

This is our most grounded yoga class that teaches you great relaxation techniques. Clear your head, increase your energy level and improve your sleep.

Taking the mind from outside to inside, from noisy to quiet. It sharpens the focus. Let controlled breathing be your gateway to meditation.

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Where and when can i follow a yoga class?

Want to join our yoga class? Check our schedule, pick a yoga class and get going. In addition, yoga is a perfect combination with our other classes. For example, try combining Yoga with a HIT, Run, Sculpt or Pump class.

We offer different memberships. Are you new to YG Studios? Then start with the 3 classes for €25 intro deal! Have any questions? Send us a message at hey@ygstudios.nl or just come by our studio.

We’ll see you soon in our studios for a yoga class in Rotterdam!

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