Yoga to find Deep release

Yin Yoga, free yourself from unnecessary tension

Yogaground Veerhaven
Sunday April 3
13.00 - 14.30
by Camilla
Yin Yoga, free yourself from unnecessary tension

Yoga to find deep release

During this workshop, Camilla invites you to go into the body and find deep release. By using straps (yoga belts), you will gradually lengthen inactive muscle tissue. By using breathing techniques, you will soothe the mind. Access the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce feelings of stress. Guided by Camilla, Yin Yoga will take you into the deepest release in our Yoga to find Deep Release Super Session. 


Understand the nervous system and the importance of reducing our stress response; increase your relaxation response. The faster the world spins, the quicker we need to be, but we all still need to refuel, restore and relax. Let Camilla help you find that right balance, and master the ways to reduce your automated stress response.  

NOTE: This workshop is cancelled.

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