Yoga Arm Balances

Unlock new possibilities

YG studios Lijnbaan
Sunday June 26
12.30 - 14.30
by Tim
30 euro
Unlock new possibilities

Yoga Arm Balances

Have you seen how Tim floats from one arm balance to another, how he can almost take flight?? Let him show you how to approach these yoga asanas with the same courage, by understanding the key elements and learning to be comfortable at all times. Unleash your inner monkey and join the Yoga Arm Balances workshop. 

In Tim’s Yoga Arm Balances workshop you will explore prehabilitation (body prep) and joint health exercises. With proper core engagement, alignment and commitment, you’ll learn to soar like never before. Develop techniques to manage the mechanics of arm balances. Walk out with the confidence to smash those asanas!

Are you ready to unlock your arm balances, be playful and open to discovering new possibilities in your practice? Then join Tim’s Yoga Arm Balance workshop on Sunday June 26 and get your feet off the ground!

Suitable for those with some yoga experience to advanced practitioners.

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