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It’s Friday, 11.00 AM. Strange sounds are coming from YG Veerhaven’s High Intensity Training room. An interesting mix between the latest Ibiza sounds, a trainer counting reps and someone shouting he ‘Can’t do one more!’ At closer inspection we find out it’s Ferdi’s regular one-on-one training session he takes every Friday with Said. The two know each other so well by now there’s no more time for pleasantries, this is proper hard work.

After his training we caught up with Ferdi, to find out more. Ferdi: ‘I’ve been working with Said at least twcie a week for 4 years now, and I just love our workouts. For me, they’re a moment to take a break from the daily grind, to reconnect with my body and mind and to challenge me to go beyond what I would normally do when exercising alone. Said knows what I believe to be my limitations and pushes me to go further, in a safe way. He keeps track of my progress and the areas that need work. I can recommend working with a personal trainer to anyone.’ 

1. No excuses
Having that training appointment in your calendar, knowing someone is waiting for you, will make you think twice about cancelling. It’s a great way to change your behavior, when you know you sometimes favor other things over exercise. In time, you start to look forward to your sessions!

2. Guaranteed results
Personal training is the one investment that offers guaranteed results. You’re working on your health and fitness in a targeted way, dedicating focused attention to whatever areas of your body or fitness goals you agree upon with your trainer. With every training, you will get a little better at what you have been working on. It’s so much easier with support of someone cheering you on.

3. Improvement in other forms of exercise
Personal training helps you overcome obstacles you encounter in other forms of exercise. You can work on movements that you find tricky to do in group classes, build strength in certain areas, or recover from injuries.

4. Reset your mind and your body
Although we tend to focus on the physical aspects of these sessions, a great personal trainer will also tap into your mindset. They will know how to trigger you to do ‘one more’, set ambitious goals, or perform exercises you’re not sure you can do. This builds confidence, resilience, and grit. After a great training, you are ready to take on the world.

5. A great way to take a break
Always busy, running from meeting to meeting? Consider personal training to be an important meeting with yourself. Treat your training sessions just like a business meeting, planning ahead and blocking your calendar. Taking that one hour will change your perspective, help you recharge and give you new energy for the rest of your day.





Saïd believes in the positive impact of movement on our health. For him, it improves his learning capability, mood and motivation. It simply makes him a better version of himself.

Raised by Rotterdam
The fifth child from a big Moroccan family of eight children, Saïd was born and raised in Rotterdam, or raised ‘by Rotterdam’, as he puts it. He grew up playing all kinds of sports. From soccer in the streets to tennis and kick-boxing, he’s done it all. This well-rounded background makes him a great trainer, always finding ways to make you train like never before.

Isometric exercises
Come to his training willing to work and willing to learn, and he’ll take your fitness level to new heights. Saïd is a star in isometric training and kettlebell workouts. Saïd: ‘Isometric exercises offer a new challenge to those that are used to high energy, high movement workouts. They focus on holding positions for longer, engaging loads of muscles at the same time. Think about all the muscles you need to maintain a simple plank. It’s next level, really.’  Learn more about the benefits of Isometric training.

Walking is meditation
To unwind after a long day, Saïd enjoys his mother’s elaborate cooking, although he will never turn down a good Italian meal either. And did you know he walks everywhere he goes, considering it a form of meditation? He doesn’t even own a bike. For some great walking inspiration, check out the Walk the city, offering Rotterdam walks taking you to new and exciting places.


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