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New Yogaground Lijnbaan studio opening Our growing community and brand are moving to a completely new studio in May 2022. Be there at the new Yogaground Lijnbaan studio opening! The new studio offers 2 floors filled with all your movement options. With 2 yoga rooms, 2 exercise rooms, a massage space and cosy bar you […]

Celebrate summer!

20% off on all credit packs

CELEBRATE SUMMER Celebrate the summer with us! Get a 10, 20 or 40 credits pack with 20% off NOW! Redeem this offer before July 31 with promo code SWEETSUMMERDEAL. Navigate to our site or app, select your credit pack, enter the promo code and you’re good to go! With over 100 classes per week we keep […]


2 months of unlimited movement for €99

GET YOUR SUMMER DEAL Get back in your daily routine! This summer, take as many Yoga, HIT or Run classes at Yogaground as you like. Unlimited movement for 2 months! Now for only €99. This is a SUMMER DEAL no one can resist. With over 100 classes per week we keep you moving. Choose your […]

Join the HOT family! Find strength, flexibility, focus and endurance when we turn up the heat in both our studios. Our family of HOT classes, based on traditional Hatha yoga, teaches you how to master several well-known yoga poses while breaking a sweat. Join our HOT 26, the famous Bikram sequence of 26 poses, our HOT CORE, a sequence of […]

Let’s go for a RUN! Our bodies are have evolved for us to be effective endurance runners. Think of the length of our legs, shock-absorbing spinal discs, our hip sockets and the prominent position of our feet. We also have the ability to sweat, keeping our bodies cool during strenuous exercise. Let’s go for a […]