Leg Burner Challenge

The Big Challenge

Join us every week on Instagram live for our Big Challenge, put your mind and body on a different track and keep moving! Participate for free, sweat included.

Feel the burn!

Shape those limbs and join Fieke on Saturday February 27 at 10 AM for her Big Challenge, Fieke‘s Leg Burner. She created 7 exercises for you lower body, offering you a great crossover between our Yoga and High Intensity Training. You will be doin 2 round of 7 different exercises, 1 minute per exercise, switching sides halfway. Check out our Insta feed for the exercises and get ready for this Saturday!

It’s going to be sweet, sweaty and effective. Let’s strenghten those legs, and feel te burn!

• W H E N •
Saturday February 27, 10 AM – FREE ACCESS VIA INSTA LIVE

• W H A T •
Warming up, 7 exercises for 2 rounds, followed by a cool down, no equipment needed 

Any questions or need help? Send us an email – hey@yogaground.nl 

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Leg Burner Challenge by Fieke on Saturday February 27 10AM via InstaLive16