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Punch up your exercise routine! In the 80s, there was aerobics. The 90s, there was urban dance. In the 00s, we got bootcamps. The next decade was all about indoor cycling. And this last decade, there’s been an explosion of functional training, HIIT and…boxing. Here at YG Studios, we’ve definitely taken up the fight. We’re […]

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BACK TO SCHOOL! Where did it go!?!? Summer?? How, why, when did it all go?! We know, it’s painful to say goodbye to those beautiful bright days, long evenings spent outside, and everyone being in such a good mood. But, at YG Studios, we’ve got your back. We’ve got exactly what you need to smooth […]

Ana Forrest Yoga at YG Studios Ana Forrest is a well-known pioneer in yoga who developed her own therapeutic yoga based on Hatha yoga. What she developed was a modern style of yoga that addressed the stresses of modern life. Forrest Yoga Forrest yoga is known as both physically powerful and internally focussed practice. Sequences […]

Hot yoga – your new movement plan You probably know by now that yoga is good for you. You probably also know that there is a huge variety of yoga styles – Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Forrest, Yin, Restorative, Iyengar, Kundalini, Goat (yes we did just say Goat. Google it.) – we could go on. With […]

YG Studios is here! Strength and growth of YG Studios community provides space for complete movement concept with four rooms, in the heart of Rotterdam. Rotterdam, June 15, 2022 – Last Saturday, Rotterdam-based movement studio YG Studios opened a new branch at Lijnbaan, with four rooms, a coffee bar and a massage room. As of […]


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YG FEST JUNE 11 Marking the Grand Opening of YG Lijnbaan, we proudly present YG FEST. A full day in party mode, packed with all the goodness our new venue has to offer. From 10AM, get a taste of all our classes and see our brand-new studio rooms. Meet your favorite teachers and say hey […]

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Yoga at YG studios At YG studios we believe yoga can be down to earth and within reach for everybody. It helps you to relax, brings focus and improves overall athletic performance. Because it’s so good for you, we want you to be able to take classes anytime; before, during and after work. Join us […]

This is no longer an empty space. On May 15 our new studio doors open for classes, we cannot wait for your to see it! You can book your classes in our Lijnbaan schedule, online now. Come find us at Lijnbaan 31. Need help? Send us an email –    Stay up to date, follow your favorite Yogastudio in Rotterdam Centrum on Instagram, Facebook or subscribe to our mailing […]

SPRING BREAK FLASH SALE We love good weather just as much as we love good deals. Get 20% off your 20 credit pack by applying promo code SPRINGBREAK with your next purchase. What are you waiting for? GET THE SPRING BREAK FLASH SALE. Redeem this offer before April 30. Questions? Drop us a line; Stay up […]