what is Ana Forrest Yoga

Ana Forrest yoga at YG Studios

Ana Forrest is a well-known pioneer in yoga who developed her own therapeutic yoga based on Hatha yoga. What she developed was a modern style of yoga that addressed the stresses of modern life.

Forrest yoga is known as both physically powerful and internally focussed practice. Sequences intentionally target weaknesses so as to emphasize the body’s strength and flexibility in overcoming them. This nurtures a deep attentiveness, allowing the practitioner to carry these transformative experiences from the mat into wider, daily life.  

meet our own Ana Forrest

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Would you like to experience the benefits of a Forrest Yoga practice? Then buy a ticket now for October 30 and let Isabel lead you in a 2-hour Forrest Yoga workshop.  

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Fortunately, at YG Studios we have our very own Ana Forrest, Isabel! Isabel has over 12 years’ experience teaching internationally. She started her yoga journey in 2011 by taking a Vinyasa flow teacher training in London – coming from a professional dance background, the fluid style of movement suited her perfectly.

Next, in 2015, she applied for an advanced teacher training in the USA with Ana Forrest. During this training, Isabel discovered how to correctly utilise her body’s strength and not her hypermobility. She later furthered her training with senior Forrest teachers in the UK. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a Thai Yoga Massage therapist!