Forrest Yoga


YG Studios Lijnbaan
Sunday October 23
13.00 - 15.00
by Isabel
€25 | €20 unlimited members

Forrest Yoga backbends

This workshop will introduce you to the Forrest yoga approach to backbends. You’ll learn to mobilize as well as stabilize the back and shoulders, to find more freedom (and joy!) in these poses.   

Isabel will guide you through a safe and thoughtfully constructed sequence to ensure you experience the benefits of backbends. Learn how to warm up, how to use props, the wall and even partners to support you in the poses, and even learn how to practice backbends with an injury.

What is Forrest yoga?

Forrest yoga is a therapeutic, yet powerful practice based on four core elements: breath, strength, integrity, and mind. By creating space in your joints and deepening the attention on your breath, you’ll be more able to stay truly present.  

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students.  

Price Forrest Yoga
€25 | Regular ticket
€20 | Unlimited membership with 20% event discount

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Join Isabel for a 2 hr Forrest Yoga workshop to focus on strength, flexibility and the deep quality of attentiveness

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