Run the bridges

yg run brienenoord special

November 21st
YG Run special class
by Niels
19.00 at YG Lijnbaan or 19.30 at Brienenoordbrug
Calling all running enthusiasts!

Join the Special YG Run Training at Brienenoord and prepare for the Bruggenloop

An exciting opportunity awaits you at the Brienenoord Bridge. Join us for a special training session that’s specifically designed to prepare you for the ultimate running adventure – the Bruggenloop. Train together with our YG Run crew to stay motivated and improve your technique even faster.

The Bruggenloop, or ‘Bridge Run’, is not your ordinary 15k race. It’s a unique and exhilarating experience that showcases the beauty and grandeur of Rotterdam’s architectural marvels. To ensure that you’re ready to conquer these iconic bridges, our experienced trainer, Niels, will be leading the charge at the Brienenoord Bridge training session.

We gather at 19.00 at YG Lijnbaan and go by bike to the Brienenoordbrug.

Or you go directly tot the meeting point and meet everyone at 19.30: Autolettestraat 4, Rotterdam

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