Forrest yoga

focus on strength

Yogaground Weena
Sunday February 27 NEW DATE
12.30 - 14.00
by Isabel
25 euro
focus on strength

Forrest yoga

This Super Session draws on Isabel’s experience with Forrest Yoga, a modern yoga system designed by Ana Forrest. A powerful and therapeutic yoga style based on Hatha yoga. This modern yoga style addresses current day stress and modern life challenges. Using intelligent sequencing this Super Session works on strength, flexibility and the quality of focused attention.

Feel encouraged to build strength in an intelligent way and explore some of the stronger postures which are unique to Forrest Yoga. Introducing you to the core and abdominal exercises and poses that build upper body and shoulder mobility and strength. In this workshop we’ll hold poses for longer, building heat and attention.

Isabel has studied together with Ana Forrest and her senior teachers. Being hypermobile, this form of yoga helped Isabel build that extra power in the core and shoulder area to work towards more advanced poses. With the help of props, the wall and variations offered, this class will offer a challenge for everyone.

New date
Be challenged at your own level in this Ana Forrest Yoga Super Session on Sunday, February 27 from 12.30 – 14.00.

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