YG Studios Lijnbaan
Apr 21 | 14.00-16.00
Apr 22 - 26 | 7.45 – 8.45
by Liz
€130 | €117 unlimited members


Skyrocket your yoga practice to the next level in this 6-day Mind & Breath Intensive course with Liz.

Traditional yoga detox (Kriya) and breath (Pranayama) techniques are easy to learn but pack a powerful punch. They increase energy levels, focus the mind, improve immunity, boost feelings of joyfulness, and purify the body. After just one week of daily practice, you should feel significantly rejuvenated and refreshed, with new tools to incorporate into your personal yoga practice to keep you feeling strong and healthy every day.

The Intensive begins with a with a Techniques Masterclass on Sunday. Liz will introduce you to the theory of Prana (vital energy) and how it works in the body. Then, you will learn step-by-step all the Kriya and Pranayama we will practice during our week-long Intensive:

  • Agni Sara to cleanse the digestive system
  • Kapalbhati to cleanse lungs and strengthen the diaphragm-muscle
  • Nadi Shodhana to balance right and left brain
  • Kumbhaka and Bandhas to retain energy in the body
  • Sitali to cool the body
  • Bhramari to quiet the mind
  • Bhastrika to increase vitality
  • Ujjayi to regulate the whole mind-body system

Over the next 5 mornings, Liz will lead you through daily practices that combine everything you’ve learned into a dynamic and energizing routine. On Thursday morning, you’ll enjoy a home practice session with Liz, conducted live online. You’ll also have access to this recording for 30 days, extending your pranayama intensive throughout the month.

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Mind & Breath Intensive Course

practical info

The entire course consists of one masterclass on Sunday, followed by five morning practices. To join the 5 morning practices, you must have completed the techniques masterclass.

Technique Masterclass
Sunday, April 21st
14:00 – 16:00

5 Morning Practices
Monday, April 22nd – Friday, April 26th
Time: 7:45 – 8:45
YG Studios Lijnbaan

Please note: Thursday’s class (April 25th) will be held online, with 30 days of access to the recording.

Pranayama is a powerful detoxifying practice, so we encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the course. We ask students to stop drinking alcohol, smoking and eating meat at least one week prior to the start of the course.

This intensive is recommended for students with:

  • More than 3 months of yoga experience
  • Comfort with sitting
  • Confidence in diaphragmatic, nose breathing
  • Please note that this course is not suitable for pregnant individuals, those in burnout or with a history of serious mental health challenges.
Mind & Breath Intensive Course

about liz

Liz Allan is an experienced yoga teacher in the Sivananda lineage, with over 12 years of Hatha Yoga teaching experience. She has dedicated 25 years to her personal yoga practice and has witnessed firsthand how yoga promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, leading to a more balanced and empowered life. For more information about Liz, visit www.lizallanyoga.com.

When the whole system of nadis (energy channels), which is full of impurities, is cleaned, the Yogi becomes able to control Praṇa (lifeforce energy). Therefore, Pranayama should be performed daily with a focused, calm mind to drive impurities out of the susumna nadi (energy super-highway of the spine).” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 15th Century

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