Singing bowls

A sound bath experience, what to expect?

Sound therapy and the use of singing bowls is an ancient practice used for religious and spiritual ceremonies in various parts of Asia. Since their benefits have been recognized on many levels,  you can now find all sorts of sound baths all over the world, also in the Netherlands at YG Studios. But why would you join a sound bath?

The sounds and vibrations created by the bowls can help you to relax. Live sounds can come from bells, wind chimes, or the different types of singing bowls. Studies show that sound baths are effective for stress reduction, the release of tension, and can offer an  increased sense of well-being.


What happens in your brain

Sound travels as vibrations or waves at a frequency, just like your brain waves.  A thought or experience corresponds to a certain frequency of those brain waves. When you feel tired, slow or dreamy, the slower brain waves are dominant. Feeling hyper-alert? Then the higher frequencies of brain waves are dominant. Sound therapy exposes you to low-frequency vibrations, inviting your brainwaves to align to those. The rich, deep tones a singing bowl produces can take our brain into a deep meditative state. Your senses and your focus are drawn inwards, allowing you to enter a state of relaxation.

A sound bowl experience, why join?
A sound bath experience, what's that like?

Stimulate your brain a different way

Recalibrate your energy levels

When you reach the deepest state of relaxation you will come to a place of healing, also referred to as the gateway to the unconscious mind, intuition and insight. The singing bowls support your body to recalibrate its energy levels, tension and state of mind.

As part of our Restore + Sound Bath workshop on December 11 2022, Liz will also offer her now famous sound bath. Enjoy!

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