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YG Studios opens new movement studio at Lijnbaan Rotterdam.

Strength and growth of YG Studios community provides space for complete movement concept with four rooms, in the heart of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, June 15, 2022 – Last Saturday, Rotterdam-based movement studio YG Studios opened a new branch at Lijnbaan, with four rooms, a coffee bar and a massage room. As of today the studio is open to the public.

Ferdinand Berghuijs, founder and owner explains: ”During the corona crisis we saw that our community remained alive and kicking, even though we had to close our doors. That further fueled our entrepreneurial spirit.”

In addition, people are making exercise part of their daily routine more than ever before. ”That’s why you can join us 7 days a week in thoughtfully designed studios, with extensive service and great classes from amazing teachers. Our Lijnbaan venue now offers two yoga rooom, a room for High Intensity Training, and a boxing studio. In addition to our Hot and Power yoga classes, we now have even more space for meditative forms of yoga and classes focusing on breathing.”

Total movement concept: from yoga to high intensity training
As of 2016, YG Studios is located on Weena. In 2019, a second studio opened in the Veerhaven. The pay-off, It’s all about the movement, is on the one hand a nod to the different forms of yoga and group classes that YG Studios offers, but also a reference to the close-knit community, the ‘movement’.

The company grew along with the development of this community. YG Studios now offers a complete movement concept, consisting of meditation, yoga, massages, HIT, box and running. Here you will find everything to keep mind and body healthy in our demanding society.

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