The Big Challenge on Valentine’s Day

Breathing techniques

Join The Big Challenge on Valentine’s Day on Insta Live! To put your mind and body on a different track we’re hosting a FREE weekly workout online. Varying from Sun Salutes, to breathing exercises, to a core workout, and more. Because we want you to stay healthy and keep your cool. Keep going with your favorite teachers!

For this week’s Big Challenge Liz came up with Breathing Techniques! This Pranayama challenge contains 4 days, 4 new breathing practices, getting a little bit harder day by day. Tap into your breath and find out its benefits and how to do it properly. This Sunday at 9 AM we will do them all in a full 45 minutes practice together live on Instagram. Let’s find your calm and boost your immune system! Inhale, Exhale, Relax.

Join The Big Challenge on Valentine’s Day on Insta Live! Are you in?

• W H E N •
Sunday February 14, 9 AM – FREE ACCESS VIA INSTA LIVE

• W H A T •
4 new breathing exercises, all together in a full 45 minutes breathing techniques workshop

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The Big Challenge on Valentines day - Breathing Exercises - Pranayama Challenge