She’s been in the fitness business for years, and used to own her own gym for 13 years. Now she teaches professional sports teachers at a specialized institute, enjoying the challenges that brings.

Recently Petra started a 200 hours yoga teacher training, because she loves how yoga enables her to reconnect with her body and mind. As she puts it, her Indonesian roots made her appreciate food a lot, which is why she will never say no to a trip to Thailand, where she also enjoys the atmosphere and its people.

She thinks Rotterdam is the best city, because of its cultural mix, architecture and overall lust for life.

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achieving your goal in a safe but above all, a fun way

Petra knows her way around in the fitness world! She is a personal trainer with expertise in boxing, HIIT, and overall improvement of your fitness. If you are looking for someone who gives you her full attention and works with you to achieve your goals in a fun way, Petra is the personal trainer for you!

With her positive energy, Petra will motivate you to achieving your goal in a safe but above all, a fun way. You will find this vibrant and happy personal trainer in our studio at the Westerstraat in Rotterdam city center where she’s ready for an energetic personal training session with you!

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