Just like playing chess

Paulo: ‘Boxing is a chess game which requires you to think before you act and not just randomly throw punches’. This guy knows what he’s talking about having been a kickboxer for years himself. Experienced as a small group and personal trainer, Paulo can teach you all the boxing skills you need.

He loves teaching, because he believes your health is your number one asset and working out, especially boxing, is a great way to stay mentally and physically fit.

When not working out or teaching he like to get together with friends or contemplate his next tropical holiday destination.

Rotterdam has a great diversity of cultures which can bring lots of good things to the table, for example a variety of food. ‘I think of great food immediately, but there’s so much more the city has to offer. I might need to be more of a tourist myself.’

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Experience strength in body and mind

Paulo is your personal trainer for strength in body and mind. He knows how important working out is for your health and loves to make your experience effects those too. His clients feel calmer, more energized and confident after a good boxing session or HIIT workout at our Rotterdam studios. Paulo specializes in boxing, kickboxing and High Intensity Training. He’ll teach you the right techniques and focuses on what works best for you. As an extra, he plays a great soundtrack to his one-on-one sessions. Positive energy with Paulo!

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