The Brit coming to HIIT!

Joanna knows how to push it to get results. She got introduced to high intensity sports by completing a Gladiator course in 2015, followed up with various HIIT training programs to become a certified HIIT instructor. She specializes in high intensity workouts that always motivate people to achieve their personal best.

In her spare time you can find Joanna either on her (almost) daily run over the Erasmus bridge or sipping a cappuccino in the one of the many cafes Rotterdam has to offer. She loves to travel to new and exciting cities for a quick weekend getaway to enjoy the local culture, scenery and of course the local food.

Originally from the UK, Joanna has been leading a happy and highly active life here in Rotterdam for over 16 years now. Be sure to pack a towel (or two) because a class with Joanna is bound to make you sweat and hit the ground!

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she'll lovingly test your limits

If you’re looking for that extra motivation or just a kick in the butt, try a one-on-one personal session with Joanna. She’ll lovingly test your limits. Strength and High Intensity cardio work are her thing. You can make sure you’ll get 100% of her attention during your individually tailored sessions. Work on what you need and smash your goals! Joanna’s got your back 😉

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