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Dewi’s mission is to support people on their path of personal and spiritual growth. She believes yoga is a living practice; a tool to help you ride the waves of life. Through the healing practices of yoga, coaching, ceremonial work (cacao) and energetic body work she aligns your energy and connects you to your inner flow.

Dewi has a background in dance and cultural sciences, working a deputy editor for various magazines before becoming a yoga teacher.  She always took great interest in various other types of movement, like running, hot yoga and HITT. When she started teaching yoga she had a true feeling of coming home. In her classes she  enjoys seeing people flow through the same poses, each and everyone on their individual path, however. She has seen firsthand how yoga is for everybody because you will always find what YOU need.  

Born in The Hague, Dewi spent her childhood in Gouda, studied in Rotterdam then moved to Amsterdam, Utrecht and now she’s back and here to stay! Her heart skips a beat whenever she sees  the amazing Rotterdam skyline. On sunny days you can find her at the terrace of Sajoer or drinking a beer at Biergarten. 

An ideal trip for Dewi is a yoga surf retreat somewhere where jungle meets beach. She already experienced something this in Costa Rica which she describes as ‘magical’.  She loves eating out in Rotterdam’s finest restaurants with her number one meal at Héroine when she celebrated her birthday. Pure bliss! 

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energetic massage, a balm for the nervous system

Teaching yoga was the first step towards Dewi’s career in massage. As yoga is the healing power to the body and mind, so Reiki and Energetic massage is a balm for the nervous (or ‘energy’) system. It started by taking some exploratory courses in energy work, that then quickly led her to a formal qualification.

Dewi believes in the power of massage connecting people to the deeper levels of their emotional life, as well as recharging the body and mind. Every treatment is unique because every body and individual in different. Dewi aims to provide exactly what each client needs, in that moment, to leave them feeling full of vitality and lightness. Place trust in her hands, release whatever is being held within, and give yourself a moment of absolute self-care.

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