How exercise makes us flourish


Finding the right balance isn’t always easy, but key to help you stay grounded and support a strong and healthy body. A good diet, taking time to rest and building exercise into your routine are simple but powerful elements to leading a healthy life. Many studies show that those who exercise, are less likely to develop depression or anxiety. New interesting research has shown that our exercise habits may influence our sense of purpose in life, creating a virtuous cycle that keeps moving up and helps you flourish. Read the New York Times article here.


Resistance exercise has gained popularity over the last decade. With the help of weights, elastic bands or machines you’ll improve your muscle strength and tone which therefore protects your joints from injury. But what if you are dealing with a medical condition in your joints? Is it still advisable and relevant for you to explore resistance training?

Magnus Ringberg, MSc Sport Science, BSc Physiotherapist and well-known Yogaground friend decided to test this as part of his master science thesis. He set up a training program for a group of individuals diagnosed with knee Osteoarthritis. This exercise program varied in length, intensity, volume and frequency, to look at his hypothesis from all angles. Participants received anywhere between 1 and 7 exercises, intensity of which varied, as did the numbers of sets and reps. Outcome was measured through self-rated pain, function and capacity in physical function by the test group.

The conclusion was clear; strength or resistance training, reduces pain, and improves the functioning of the joint.

Join Magnus on Friday evening December 10, for his 360º Flow Super Session. Talking about moving those joints in all directions! It’s a great challenge to take your yoga a little further, evolving your practice. The day after, on Saturday December 11, Magnus will be teaching an extended Masterclass, where you’ll learn to build up a resilient and strong body from the inside out. Soon you’ll find both workshops on our event Calendar.

MOVE THOSE JOINTS With Magnus ringberg




In Provenierswijk, at a stone’s throw of Rotterdam Central Station, you’ll find the Harvest, bringing locally grown vegetables directly to your table, with their delicious Harvest Bowls. Create your own or choose one of the favorites pre-selected for you. Wessel, owner of the restaurant, has built his business, with the Rune sign for Harvest as its logo. On the premise that you should reward the right actions and the belief that the choices we make now, determine our future. Wessel and his team contribute by serving food with a smile, in harmony with land, body and mind.

The team uses balanced recipes, building dishes around in-season vegetables from nearby farms. With a portion of low-carb grains, and a small serving of meat, or one of its many tasty alternatives.

If you want to firm up your body, head to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music! Listening or playing music is a great tool to provide a total brain workout. Sit back and relax while enjoying our studio sounds. Playlists created by our team that will enhance your mood and are a great soundtrack to moments of quiet, your yoga practice or your strength training. What’s your favorite?

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