boxing benefits

punch up your exercise routine!

In the 80s, there was aerobics. In the 90s, there was urban dance. In the 00s, we got bootcamps. The next decade was all about indoor cycling. And this last decade, there’s been an explosion of functional training, HIIT and...boxing. Here at YG Studios, we’ve definitely taken up the fight. We’re not talking punches to the face and bruises to your body. Boxing offers masses of benefits, to body and mind, regardless of making physical contact.  

In a typical training session, you can expect drills to improve footwork, refining coordination and movement techniques, and of course, work on the punch bags. You’ll also regularly get your jump on (hello skipping rope) alongside calisthenics, running and strength work.  

You could be forgiven for thinking the power behind a mean jab comes mainly from your shoulder. In fact, it’s the whole body that needs to propel this movement – the lower body uses the ground to throw the movement into the upper body, the core withstands this transfer of power, while the upper body needs razor sharp coordination to successfully deliver this powerful load. Hello whole body workout. 

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boxing benefits

dump your tension into the punch bag

While all of this is going on in the body, you’ve also got a whole lot of work happening in the mind. Your concentration needs to be as sharp as your physical coordination. There is also the enormous sense of relief, having been able to process or ‘dump’ your tension into the punch bag, followed by an incredible post-session high. 

So why don’t you try taking up this fight, starting with Said’s Boxing Clinic on October 9 which will demystify all of this and more! Get your ticket now.

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