Boxing Clinic

float like a butterfly...

YG Studios Veerhaven
Sunday October 9
12.30 - 14.00
by Said
€35 | €28 unlimited members
boxing clinic

Float like a butterfly

…sting like a bee. Whether you’re Rotterdam’s next Mohammed Ali, or you’re just curious about boxing and its benefits, in Said’s workshop, he’ll introduce you to the sport, its rules, and of course, top class technique.

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After a short bit of theory, you’ll start with some moves and techniques, working in pairs. There’ll be hooks, jabs and uppercuts; combinations, dodging skills and strategy – boxing is as strategic as chess, interesting fact!

It’s all about speed and precision, not forgetting strength and endurance in the interval focussed training, but all in a safe and totally fun way, we promise.


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boxing clinic

benefits of boxing

You might also surprise yourself at the mental benefits of boxing – extreme focus and attention during class will leave you feeling all kinds of zen after.  

So get your gloves and start jabbing!

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Price Boxing Clinic
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