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We now offer mama classes 3 days a week. That’s great news for all mama’s and mama’s to be! MAMA STRONG gives you exactly what your body needs, strenghtens it and supports you. While MAMA FLOW helps you to stay calm, grounded and well-prepared. You surely got this!

No previous experience? You’re more than welcome to join both MAMA CLASSES. Each class will increase your mindfulness for a stronger pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery. We’ll prepare you for the incredible transformation into pregnancy, birth and beyond. But wait, there is more!

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The biggest preparation in the whole pregnancy process. What to do and how to tackle it. The Baby push prep workshop will teach you the principles of how to use and train your body for childbirth. This dynamic and challenging event is when your body needs to be strong and perform at its highest level. Remember, you are so much STRONGER than you think you are….

You will learn the physiology of birth. You will go through the first signs, the stages of labor and the phases of each stage. Maggie will help you create a powerful birth plan. Discover breathing and pain techniques and comfort measures (for natural and medical birth).

This Baby push preparation workshop offers you several techniques; rebozo, spinning babies and visualization to work with. Learn to feel more connected, confident and actively involved in the birth of your baby.

We will take you through labor and active birth positions, postpartum recovery and healing. You will learn how to breathe, move and practice.

Learn everything you need to know for childbirth and register for Maggie’s Baby Push Prep course on Sunday, September 25 from 12:30 – 15:30.

Questions? Drop us a line; hey@yogaground.nl

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